Everyone wants to feel special and that too in the eyes of others. The validation from others is extremely important for most people. This makes them obsessive with the thought that they are special and superior people. In fact, it’s a false notion of “being the only special person” that makes us separate from getting along with other people and divides us. We are all born to connect each other in this diverse universe by performing our duties. That’s how the entire universe works, we serve and support each other which helps the universe to function properly. Yes, we are all special in our own ways. Another big mistake that we do that makes us feel miserable is acceptance from others and placing the seeds of our confidence and beliefs in others. Be confident in your abilities and don’t seek for it from the outside world. Others approval would be nice but making it your ultimate motive to rise in the eyes of others would be like putting your vitality and vibrant energies and saving them in others.

Take for instance, people in menial jobs like cleaning, waste and garbage collectors are doing the most important task of helping us live a hygienic life. The other duties that people perform like building houses(architects), looking after the welfare of people(the doctors), Educating people(teachers) are all important tasks being undertaken to enhance the quality of life. The painters, entertainers, craftsman and musicians are all adding beauty to this life. Even the new professions like life coach, spiritual advisors,counselors and healers are enhancing the beauty of life and helping us take the right path in life. The people who are not doing anything at all, are also giving hope and encouraging others to still believe in the beauty of life. No-one in this world is a wasted space and more special than the other. We are all here serving and helping each other in our little ways.

Another example of our dependence on each other : In the family, few members planned their pleasure trip but one of the other family member got sick so they were in a jiffy and in a tense situation. This says two things. One that there is nothing in our control and two that we are all connected and linked to each other.

In the other situation, a family planned their day out but because of the tense situation in the city , they had to change their plans. We should all work together to bring peace and friendly relations among each other. It is very important for ones’ peace as well…

Take no person for granted as everyone is contributing to other people’s lives. We need each other in this journey. All of us are important in our own way.


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