There is power struggle almost everywhere, between husband and wife; between employers and employee; between parents and kids. It’s the dominance of one person over the other to control them. This urge of controlling in humans is territorial and from the fear of satisfying their lack of self. They try to complete themselves by taking a part of others.

The dependence of human beings on others is one reason, they try to find their sense of self in others. It’s a vicious circle of unpleasantries that take place as a result of this, that drown the human beings in a darker and filthier place which makes them bitter and unpleasant. Mostly people tend to be harsher towards others because of their own negative experiences. They operate from their own  lack of self that needs to be healed. Here, what needs to be understood is holding resentments against other people is going to make you hate others and bring more negativity in you than healing. But, if you turn those resentments and negative energy that you received into something useful by not pondering deep instead knowing there is a story behind their negativity, then you can understand better.

There is a famous phrase “You need power only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise love is enough to get everything done.”

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