Complimentary guide is a website which strives to make an effort to transform this place, the Earth, the universe, our home – a better place to live. We all know that there are many evils creeping here which is destroying the harmony and peace in this world. The main issue that this website will be catering to, would be competition that’s making people nasty and bitter towards each other. The aim of this site would be to change the mindset of people and trying to prove that competition is unnecessary as there is abundance in the universe. No need to compete and be resentful against each other for taking one’s place because there is abundance. Lets not drag or pull others down instead empower and support others to fulfill their dreams.

The main goal of this site is to end this vicious circle of unpleasantries. Instead be pleasant and be complimentary towards each other. “You don’t own all the problems in the world.” Heard of this wonderful quote!! We are all connected in a way in this universe. We all have a part to play in each others life. So let us play our part in the best and positive way. At the end…it all comes back full circle to you. All this good karma will make you earn brownie points. Join me in this endeavor to live in a cordial and happy world.

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