We live in a world in which different kinds of people are there. The happiness lies in a sound knowledge about other people and handling them well. Everyone is striving for their space. In that effort, sometimes they ignore other people’s rights and their freedom to live in this world. They tend to take other people’s space as well.

Security is what we are all striving for. In that effort, sometimes we go berserk and lose the essence of good things that we already have. Most people go out-of-the-way by using dishonest means and corrupt practices to secure that safe place. Hoarding and gathering material possessions is what they called security. That’s how our conditioning is done. Most people confuse it with competing others for the space but we are all born with that little presence and a place in this world that is enough for us to exist. The problem should arise when that little place that we are born with is taken from us. That’s when a person should fight for…

Let me put this in simple words…..We are all born with our gifts and innate ability to spread those gifts in the world and not much of the help from other people is needed to fulfill that prophecy. The problem arises when we think, we are not capable enough or good enough to bring that vision into reality. Then we start competing or find solace in grabbing hold of other people or their abilities or possessions. Realizing one thing can help people, that,”Shining through other people’s light is not going to last longer.” You can shine your own light on others by being yourself and with your own gifts  rather than coveting others. Keep shining and don’t forget you have a light in you too!! Just realize that!!

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