Society was made to live in a sophisticated way. It was made for the convenience of everyone so that everyone can live with the same set of rules and there can be unity in diversity.

Lately, society has merged itself more towards the benefit of certain set of people. The people who have the power and control to rule over the society and can bend it’s rules according to it’s own convenience. Talking about some of the demeaning activities of the society is giving labels to everyone. Labels in society are made for the convenience of some people to suppress other people by discouraging them saying, “you are fat”, “you are ugly”,”you are poor(not important)”, “you come from an inferior family”,”you are stupid and dumb” etc. All these labels are made to suggest that you are not good enough and I am superior than you.

Society has now become a red-eye monster where a certain set of people showcase the other people and try to suppress them with power. Nobody likes  to live like a slave that’s why we always fight for freedom. The power struggle taking place is also more about encouraging slavery that people are trying to get rid of. For instance, these days, you can see people are raising their voice against influential people if they trample their rights. They are fighting for their rights to live a quality life.

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