Is wearing skimpy clothes, using obscene language, making a display of personal life, and then fighting for one’s own foolishness, making other people uncomfortable and proving them wrong is being modern???

If that’s being modern, then overnight a person can skip all the steps to progressiveness and cut short their clothes, be open about the vulgarity and can easily accomplish being modern. It’s actually not a title to win or an accomplishment but a difficult inner work to progress in the way of thinking, behaving and handling external affairs. It’s actually quite personal and not a display of external. If there is a transformation, it’s a result of internal changes that will be clearly demonstrated through the external but not for the sake of the title to be achieved. There are people wearing the skimpiest clothes and being comfortable in their skin and those are the ones who are not showcasing modernism for the sake of it but they actually don’t care and you will feel it because you’ll feel comfortable around them even if they are completely naked. It’s about being comfortable in your skin not being comfortable joining the fake bandwagon who are accustomed to competing and making other people feel inferior to them.

So, in short, modernism is nothing but surpassing a current mindset and reaching a more sophisticated mindset. It’s actually a lot of internal work not an external work. Let’s get mentally awesome because it will automatically show in our physical self as well and there will be no need for a fake display then. Isn’t it a better way to reach modernism than the shortcuts taken…Cheers to progressiveness!! Love and light!!

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