You must have heard that beauty is skin deep and I have realized that beauty has nothing to do with the skin. When you realize that beauty has nothing to do with the skin then the beauty becomes more liberating and can breathe more freely and that is when it glows and freshen up. There is so much confinement in caring every now and then about how you look as compared to giving not much concern about your looks. Look clean because you feel fresh not because others will pay attention to it. Glow because you feel good and confident not because you got to show it in the function that you are going to attend. Stay fit because you can be healthy and get more done not because the others will compliment you on that. In a way, beauty is skin deep because when you feel good about yourself and love yourself that is when you are truly going to be beautiful. So be your own kind of beautiful not what the shosha(show off) society has termed “beautiful”. Cheers to all the “beautiful women” out there who are loving it!! Love and light!!

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