Do you know why controlling and planning never works?

Do you like to stay in control?? An enlightenment, it never works and is not a good strategy. Do you know why? It’s because you cannot control everyone around yourself in this universe as there are many elements that are involved in making planning a success. A strategy to control will always have loopholes because there will always be that one or more element that is not meant or willing to be controlled. A latest instance is the Coronavirus, which has sabotaged the plans of all the people who love to control and plan everything. The universe has stepped in and taught a valuable lesson by sending everyone inside their boxes by just a scare and recalling them that the only person that can be controlled is oneself. Summoning this lesson again that there is something more bigger than the human being which is the universe. The universe has put everyone in their places and the supreme power is preaching in a loud and clear way that connectedness works better than controllling everything. Cheers to the connect that we have among the world today in this difficult time!Love and light!!

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