RELATIONSHIPS – Lacks sincerity and real feelings

It would be easy living a master or a commander of any ship than the master of relationships. Anyways, who wants to be the master?? I would say even tackling them is an art. Relationships are important as this is the only thing that pays off at the end. Investing in them would definitely be wiser. That’s the reason why God didn’t send us in this world all alone but with a family to support, nurture and encourage us in our bad times. When I talk about relationships, I recall all the legendary relationships of Laila Majnu, Romeo Juliet, Salim Anarkali, all those deep and soulful relationships where one person is ready to give away his life for the other person. They based their relationship on sacrifice and in return they got abundance of love and security. Thinking about that, today’s relationships are shallow and not secured at all. Trust and reliability on the other person is difficult and things of the past. Egos and independence have taken the place of sacrifice. As both the partners are fearless and not scared of getting isolated or pushed to any extremes. This way both of them have their own individuality. There are no dearth of options and opportunities that makes investing emotions totally futile. The female and male equation is definitely changing where it’s now equal partnership and both the individual demands equal respect for the same contribution they do towards relationships.

Relationships can only be nurtured and reach their true potential when two independent individual completely aware of their responsibility can come forward and support each other in their desires and ambitions. Kudos!!

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