They say there is a time for everything. Time to go to school, time to take your responsibility, time to get married, time to have kids and a time to retire. As if human being when born comes with a list of instructions. Following them is mandatory and unable to fulfill this criteria,you are rendered or tagged as an outcast.

It’s all planning that makes the world so robotic or unreal where people are just stepping on the stone carved for them by their ancestors. The thing is every now and then, they do get a setback when the planning gets distorted and everything gets disrupted and postponed. Now what??

Here, there is different outlook which people tend to ignore. There are different ways to interpret a situation. We all will look at it in a different way. If we all think different and our lives are different. How can the output or life be the same for everyone. Common sense….People seriously are just mirroring others without even exercising their brain a bit.

Marriage is an institution where two individuals willfully come and share their responsibilities of life and to fulfill their needs. So it’s a balanced approach towards leading a happy life. It’s a nice proposition or a process but making it mandatory would not make it anymore sensible. These days it’s more of a pressure specially on girls. C’mon if the female is able to tackle the challenges and able to handle the responsibility on her own then why to put pressure on her. Don’t make any sense….She is in fact  quite capable of living a sound life without any compulsive or forced partner upon her. The liberty to select someone for her is her basic birth right where she decides who will be given the right to touch her and share her emotions with.

Making marriage, a deadline driven process will do more harm than benefit. The reason why the women faces the pressure more is because she will not be able to conceive later. As if she is a child breeding or reproducing machine and what’s the compulsion after population explosion anyways. If you think about it, she would only like to extend her family when she is happy with her partner and it’s an ideal situation. When you are getting her married to any random guy, she has not invested any emotions or there is no love. It’s a duty driven step. So bearing a child would be another duty driven thing for her. Now, do you think..she is complete now?? Is she a complete women? Has her desires been fulfilled? Or she lived her life..Do you think so?? The answer is” No”.

Marriage is an option for those individuals who are fond of each other and think making each other a part of their life would lessen the burden of living. If such option doesn’t seem viable, it would be better not add it in your life. As it’s not an ideal situation where someone else is going to clear all obstacles or take all your burdens on your behalf. Times are changing and humans are evolving. The set trends and patterns should be changed and updated as well..


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