LOVE STORIES – Heaven on reel

The love stories shown on reel with happy endings are surely a way to keep you in awe and enthusiastic for a while. The beautiful plots, romance, beauty and the perfect  moves which makes it so amazing. Sometimes I think how much it relates to real life then I get the answer that it does to a great extent except the obstacles, circumstances being different and difficult in real life than reel life. And of course it’s a two-hour or a three-hour presentation so they cannot show all the details. There are more ups and downs in reality. The mean and self-centered people who cannot see the other person happy are also less in these movies.  One thing that’s for real in these movies is the role that fate plays which emphasizes that the entire game of love is dependent on it. After the hearsay and observation , the conclusion is that love is not a fight or something that goes according to a rulebook, something you can possess or win by mean and selfish acts, it is definitely not a game that you can play or you can buy with money. What is it then and how can you be lucky in love? The answer to this is that it’s like a gift and when it comes to you wrapped up in all the glossy paper, you get to know it for sure and it makes you happy and cheerful like never before. The only way we tend to lose it when it’s newness and glossiness wears off and you tend to get bored with it. That’s the time when it’s a wakeup call and you need to put some efforts to make it glossy and shiny once again. Staying in love by putting some efforts will go a long way for a happy and fun-filled love life. I know it’s not a satisfactory answer but one thing is for sure that’s one thing we all live for and trying for. Of all things, never give up on love if you sure about it. Go for it and risk for it. Totally worth it!!

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