It’s a thinking that same gender can understand each other well. This thinking is far from truth. One female can be another female’s biggest enemy. The reason vary if it’s professional or personal. In professional scenarios, they are securing their place or wiping out competition by degrading others and making their sole place. In personal life, being the favourite and making a good reputation for themselves. This is done by belittling the other person.

The characteristics famous in females are jealousy, competition and a fight to be superior than the other person and all these traits are deadly. These are some fatal traits of any personality. You don’t want to possess them. This can turn any situation into a nasty one. In fact, these traits can easily be eliminated and two females can be each other best friends if the thinking is not trampling or crossing each others path rather than giving ones best and helping others to give their best. Believing in abundance not scarcity, thinking like that would make the competition healthy. Two people who are in good spirit and letting the best person win.

When you degrade others and not help the other person grow or reach their true potential, you are not even letting yourself give your best as you lending your precious energies in a futile task of spoiling other people’s effort. This also tells that you are so insecure and have no faith in yourself. It clearly shows your insecurities.

Unlike females, males don’t play such nasty games as females. Two females can heal their relationships and leave the race of surpassing each other. In fact, thinking and believing in abundance opportunities and areas in which they can excel. As when one door closes, another one opens.

Cheers to sisterhood!!

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