Do you know the root cause of jealousy?

Making people jealous or being jealous is showing nothing but an unsatisfactory insecure self. The funny thing is jealous people make other people jealous but who will be jealous of jealous people. They are themselves showing such a nasty picture of which no one would like to resemble or look up to such an image. Admiration and looking up to is a genuine emotion which in return gets a genuine response of acknowledgement and sometimes even being shown a doorway which leads to a similar vision. What will jealousy result into… which is actually the exploited deceptive negative version of admiration, being distanced, that’s what a healthy choice would be. This emotion if I think about is so shallow people centric(our society) and petty because it’s eyeing the things that belongs to others wanting it for oneself. What is it, nothing but wanting to be another person but in a cunning evil way. Sometimes this emotion has been taken so far that it results into all sort of inhuman activities. Is life all about jumping from one tree to another till you reach the highest one. That’s what a jealous person looks like being absorbed in that emotion.What an ugly site!! Why not give them a compliment admire them and ask them the secret behind such a life if that’s what you want your life to look like. How about then working for such a life rather than stealing snatching and creating such an unhealthy space around. Cheers to a pleasant world!! Love and Positivity!!

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