Have you heard about the below quick fix??

Have you heard about cleaning up clothes??Well… you can clean up your image by getting married. In our society, it’s all about glitters on the surface you know. Trust me, I have come across all sorts of reason but this one crosses all limits of cowardice. Such is the fear in this people pleasing shallow societtttee that their image is also in accordance with what pleases other people. They cannot even stand beating their chest saying this is what I am…Do whatever you want to!! And because of this unjustified fear of so called manipulative corrupted people, getting a victim married to the rapist is called justice. Don’t you know marriage is the solution to all the problems in our society…..You will get the tag of dignified and reputed and you are free to again do all the ill vices in the guise of the tag as its all about glitters on the surface as I told you. Most of them are just playing with this people pleasing norm to create all sort of nuisance fooling around because they know who to please and become dignified and respectable again. What’s right and whose wrong is all blurred. If that’s what it’s all about then why not keep getting married whenever our image is at stake or we committed a blunder. Everyone can have ten eleven wives and husbands. As marriage is the solution to all problems you know. Who cares about being true to oneself but being true to ones and others dignity and respect which is based on sheer glossing and glittering the face is very important. Why not we all buy a glossy mask to wear in our dignified society. We’ll be paying tribute to our society that way. Cheers to the ways of the world which are out of the world! Love and light!!

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