How to find our purpose in life?

Life when meaningful is more free flowing otherwise it’s an empty abyss. Isn’t it?? So, how to bring meaning to life, first, you got to be awake and observe life. Most times it will give you reasons and push you towards the right direction which will not only support you but sometimes if followed and understood carefully, you end up making a livelihood out of it as well. We all come from different backgrounds and have our interesting stories to tell but if instead of telling, you observe the patterns, the story itself is giving you the answers to all your questions, which is, why are you here on this earth? what is your purpose? which direction to head to? All these answers if listened to and acknowledged, life will have it’s purpose and you will be on your life path. Imagine, what a world would look like if every person is operating from a deep rooted sense of existence…it would surely be a bliss to live in such a world. I would end my post with a beautiful saying that I heard lately,”You can be anything you want to be in this world, you have all the choices, all you got to do is be brave and risk something.” Cheers to a pleasant and meaningful world! Love and Purpose!

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