Have you encountered a judgemental?

From the word “judgemental” itself, the reason behind passing judgements is quite clear that is they been judged to the point that they have turned “mental judge”. They are now on the expedition to show or pass over their skill of judgements. Some more insights, mostly they are the ones who been either pushed around or accustomed to being exposed to a very small circle of knowing to be a know it all. Now they have a surgical approach to delve deeper for flaws in order to maintain their status of being a judge. There is no “one reasoning” to a certain way of being and passing judgements with the sheer one way approach is very likely to give a status of being judge-mental. Next time whenever you experience such an encounter, oblige as there can be consequences to shattering a false sense of status of the judge who is on the verge of turning judge-mental any time soon. So let them share their story of being a victim of judgementals, they might be recovering through this practice. Give them love get well soon wishes and carry on. Cheers to a pleasant world!Love and light!!

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