Do you have that kind of a heart?

Most times we get to hear, “I did this” and “I did that” but I didn’t receive anything that I deserve. The question is, do you have a loving and generous heart to receive the kind of proportionate desire you seeking. It’s what you put out, you get. You want truth, give truth(put out truth). You want love, give out love. You want generosity, be generous. We got to work on our heart because everything we receive is in balance with the purity of heart. That’s why it’s said, listen to your heart because your brain is stupid. If you want big love, you got to have a big heart. How will a small selfish heart be able to cope with the kind of love that you seeking. The kind of equation I am talking about here is something that even the brain logic gets it. So work on your heart because the desires of heart are in equal reflection of the heart and the fulfillment of it will be dependent on the kind of heart that you have evolved into. Love and Fulfillment!!

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