Why do we behave as if we are bigger than life?

Are we going to live forever?? The big splendor and bravado are for what??Sometimes we behave like all that matters is to get a statue of us made and put it at display in a town hall. What’s the fun in it…What’s going to come of it..May be, a quick glance somebody will give or someone may stick a gum to it when no one is watching..What is this desire in us to be admired by people whom we don’t even know and who knows they end up admiring or plotting and scheming to get the statue down because of jealousy. We think of afterlife more than the present life, hurrying up with life because we do not want to miss getting our statues made. Isn’t this way of living considering oneself bigger than life where we desire to be immortal, leaving our footprints but they are going to be footprints only. In this bigger than life desire, most times we become stonehearted like statue, static and just looking at things from outer perspective. We can learn something from looking at the state of statue and rather start living. Once we start living, who knows the chances of our statues displayed would be more brighter. Cheers to life!! Love and Prosperity!!

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