Is this “so called love” enough???

Is love a thing, that we can put it in a drawer and lock it as a valuable jewel. As far as any feeling making one happy, never ever associated it with getting choked suffocated. We feel our best when we are free and light. So where is this so called love expressions getting exposed from, “It’s all out of love that I dont let you breathe the air that I am not breathing because it might be toxic”, you know. Just like “I unburden all my stress unease on to you because I trust you”, you see. Is this so called love enough because soon not that far away, we will hear an expression being universally accepted which is, ” it’s all out of love that I tortured and battered you so you reach closer to God and depart this evil world.” Looking at this outpouring of love, let’s be loving enough to keep it at rest by the expression,”it’s all out of love that we need a lot of growing to do before we can get something pleasant out of this love.” Cheers!!Love and light!!

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