Are we getting along or are we doing settings??

The popular labels “Narcissists Sociopath Loner Empath Dominating Controlling Unloving” are what if not settings..Can someone do justice to them all the time. Aren’t we the making of our environment because these traits doesnt seem like innate. For instance, over the top praising environment is the making of narcissists and sensitive if chooses to be. Isn’t it?? On the contrary, a critical environment is the making of dominating and controlling because that’s what got accustomed to. A person can choose to be different at any given point of time, if things doesnt work with an environment. Isn’t it, due to the fact we always have a free will. Moreover, who will be unloving in a peaceful supporting environment, some might still choose to be. As we have seen fellow being who suffered the most (the most and best are our favourite words) either end up being the healers or the killers. Then what’s this setting of sitting on top of heads and labelling everyone else as less than. We can have horns just the same if we choose to. Isn’t it?? In short, the imperfect calling everyone it justifiable?? If done the inner work, would the result be so harsh and unjustifiable. Something to ponder upon…Cheers!!

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