Most of us would agree with this famous saying “live and let others live”. This saying is not so different from yelling “let us be”. Let us be and let them be, wouldn’t that be the peaceful resolution?? The most innovative way to be is to work around different characters and make your existence too. That’s why let us be. If someone wants to sulk in a corner, let them be; if someone wants to create a mountain out of a molehill, let them create; if someone wants to throw away his opportunities, let them throw. Most times we must have realized the scenarios were better off the way they were. Similar to, out of friendliness, we go and befriend someone sitting secluded and we realize that it was better off secluded. Who knows it might be a vampire and ghost origin or someone might like privacy. It might also be the case of importance you know. So “let us be”and “let them be” also due to the fact we do not think interference is appreciated, yeah, Cheers…

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