Happiness and Newness

What’s new?? Same old same old, yeah…Let’s make it sparkling for a bit by adding something new, an instant solution to happiness. Happiness and newness go hand in hand, isn’t it?? Don’t we like the fragrance of new clothes, freshness of a new place and the excitement of a new cuisine. How about making newness a part of life ….Every now and then, opting a new routine, learning a new craft, challenging our comfort zone by opting up new ways, wouldn’t the life instantly become new exciting and happy. The formula of happiness is closely intertwined with happiness I guess. As there is a famous saying also “pursuit of happiness”..one cannot own it, but constantly pursue it. Let’s pursue something new this week….Did you try the newly available Dalgona candy (a korean candy) on Amazon…check it out by searching “Dalgona candy”…it’s delicious…..

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