A desirable fish

Once there was a fish who wanted to be desirable no matter what. Her clan emphasized on the importance of being desirable for her existence. Now this devoted fish tried being desirable in every way possible by painting her skin looking more colourful, getting her eyebrows made and even learnt different moves. All she wanted was to be desirable. She was not getting results from even the fellow fish who carried on enjoying herself without even a look at her. She further asked for the advice on being desirable from her kinship, they advised “why don’t you go take training from the most desirable here which is the shark”, she followed their advice. Now this fish looking so bright with her painted spots was not very difficult to spot by the shark, the moment it was coming closer. What happened next?? Her dream of becoming desirable was fulfilled, the shark found her desirable to the point that it ate her and they all lived happily ever after.

Moral of the story: Be desirable but not at the cost of not being desirable ever again..

Something to ponder upon: “Does the fish level of desirability in the eyes of shark paid for her or raised her self worth and value”…

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