Equal treatment because the situation and circumstances are not the same..

There is no clear definition of good and bad as most times good or bad are the reactions and responses to the particular situation. The ugly scenario is flamed when the situation is been taken advantage of and a particular way is declared superior than the other. From there, the exploitation starts where a rigid way is used to see every situation which further makes the ego bigger and the person nastier. As the “label superior” has gone into the head, now all heads needs to be bow down, whereas, in fact, every person who is trying his/her best in the given situation is deserving of walking with his/her head held high. The obstacle towards equalitarian society is the unequal treatment because denying pleasantness to the certain type of strata doesn’t make any sense. If certain person has more riches, what will it do in changing the situation of others unless they are working for them(this way, it’s a give and take transaction).No-one is doing any favor in any situation. It’s good for that person, he/she is reaping the benefits of it, why is the respect demanded or the pleasantries exchanged….It’s simple, there must be some exchange expected. This difference in treatment in any which way is what is the main obstacle towards an “equalitarian society”. Why does anybody has to lower their head?? No matter what services they are lending, these services are actually the result of excessive needs of certain people then why are certain services considered menial. Creating distinctions between the worldly services is the root of all evil which further give rise to unequal treatment and inflated egos who rightfully exploits in any which way considering himself or herself made up by some special force. Most of the ugliness in the world has taken place because “ripping someone’s soul” through the “exchange of unpleasantries” is not considered and is not deemed to be unlawful. Whereas, most of the dirty disgusting scenarios have taken place because of the wounded soul. How about people stop expecting special favors and treatment in exchange of filling their own bag and on the other hand being plagued with lethargy and cowardice not getting the tag of “poor innocent souls”. I think the world will become a much better place without these “tags and labels”. Cheers to a pleasant world!! Love and light!!

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