Now you analyze this thought process…

What I am going to tell you and share is one of the thought process that is prevalent among some people which will doubt you the extent of twisted nature some people are capable of. So, there are some who believe if the person is not dying or in comma, they have become God and are waiting for everyone’s apologies to take a leave from this world. How would you interpret this kind of a thought process or belief?? Is it lack of intellect or shrewd and cunning motives behind it. Even God is dragged and used as a channel to fulfill their blown out of proportion desires. These are specifically the ones who take a trip to temple twice or thrice a week and keep chanting God’s name but are not even leaving God and using God as well. What is it…..wanting to be the “superpower” fooling God while worshipping evil to achieve their evil practices. Who are they fooling with their foolishness even underestimating God. Never mind!Their desire to be God will be taken care by God himself. Who can give competition to the “supreme power”. This thought process just makes me realize the sheer stupidity not even intelligence to achieve such dominance but are not even having the bare minimum potential to even come closer to their illogical desire to become the “Supreme Power”. That’s my take on this thought process…you analyze and decide whether you want to laugh at it or be surprised at the ignorance and ill practices of our fellow human beings. Is it lack of education or lack of goodness?? You decide!! Cheers to a pleasant world!!Let’s be mentally awesome!!

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