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Why not to worry about the external interferences?

Life when driven with meaning not ego or selfish harmful motives will not be dependent on external interferences because you are coming from a place where the universal balance is not hampered in any which way. These external interference which are solely operating from their selfish ego ridden desires loose control when someone is operating looking at a bigger picture. That’s why always look at the bigger picture. Think about how you can improve your life without the peek a boo into other people’s life, don’t worry about these external forces, concentrate your mindful energies on the things that you love and want in your life. If you ask me, I haven’t had a life with no interferences. Infact, in every step of my life where I paved my way towards a goal, there were haters egocentric selfish motives that came my way, but I noticed every time these obstacles became a hurdle or even came near to taking away my effort or a particular thing that I desire, I was infact getting aligned with something much better and much aligned with me. Every time, something that’s been taken from me, it’s been actually replaced by something well meant for me. So these external interferences are counterbalanced by their own internal interferences. Something very simple but hard to understand, How can one have control when they do not know how to control themselves. That’s why stay focused on the bigger picture and work on your life purpose, your life will be much enhanced and lose the control of these external factors because you will be working with the universe and no ordinary human being can disharmonize the universal balance.

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