Creating confusion and doubts in mind…

This story is about confusion and doubts in mind…

There was this hotel where there were couple of people very secure and safe lived. They owned this establishment with the intention of making a fortune. Once what happened, a foreign person from a different land came to their hotel. They were very secure and safe but once in a while he used to say something out of the blue which used to make them visit this foreign feeling. The once in a while became more often..that they had to encounter this foreign feeling very similar to insecurity. So they came up with a plan to deal with this foreign feeling. They suggested the person to meditate with his eyes, ears and mouth closed which will do a whole lot of good for his health. He followed meditation to see the effects but the problem became uncontrolled when some of his friends visited and they had to face uncontrollable foreign feeling. As a result they trapped all of them in the room to shut this insecurity which was yet there but they thought outwardly it’s under control..

Moral of the story: Close minds do need to go through a bit of discomfort to become an open mind if want to shut insecurity altogether..

How about wearing this below and keeping it shut…check out..

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3 thoughts on “Creating confusion and doubts in mind…”

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