Alternatives to hate

Alternative to hate…well..there are many, isn’t it?? One can develop compassion, lessen their ego and take the personal development route but most will say “what are other people for then”, you see. You see, other people will become useless if they are not used and abused for bringing healing to oneself. That’s what people are for you know…

Something to ponder upon…wouldn’t an alternative to splashing hideous colors on others..splash colors on paper….

One of the best alternative to hate would be developing a hobby because that way, people will be left alone while pursuing it, isn’t it. As there is a famous saying “an ideal mind is a devil’s workshop”. Keep it busy and keep it going you see, for the hate to dissolve.

Wouldn’t the alligator if had a productive progressive hobby, be busy in it and not become aggressive when told “see you later alligator”…Anyhow, if looking to indulge into a meaningful hobby, the course below maybe helpful:

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