The modern day barter system in the name of love..

The primitive barter system is still intact in this so called “modern world”. Now the exchange has surfaced to various other desires like in terms of physical emotional material aspects. In the sophisticated terms, all this exchange is disguised in the form of love. The common saying,”Its all out of love”. A very relatable one, ” I am tolerating or I am putting up with this crap because I love you”. Actually, its dependence or need for emotional physical material and what not unending selfish needs that are being acquired from the other person and that’s why this shadiness of tolerating is presented in a sophisticated way. Otherwise, a person is made in such a way that if you”ll scratch him…you”ll be scratched back. Underneath, the sophisticated surface, there is a very primitive being. If you are not being scratched back , it’s not coming out of love, instead, some other hidden motive behind it and may be lethal!! Who knows, what’s the intention behind this sophisticated passive aggressiveness.. The genuine and pure acts of love can only be found in those small little gestures that sometimes we do get to see like offering food to the hungry, defending someone from the ruthlessness…All these small acts of love and kindness can still be seen. Yes, only sparks of it, but the world still has the potential to be better and and peace!!

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