Do you vent out at the right person at the right time..

Let’s go back to our childhood times because most of our patterns and conditioning that’s been formed is during this time.. Recalling this time, whenever we confront harshness as children..there is an inner voice that says let me grow up and then I will show..As children, growing up looks like the solution to most problems but its a different story after growing up. After growing up, all sorts of societal fears are realized and the fear of getting shunned from society keeps us trapped than ever before. So, succumbed with fears…all the frustration and discomfort is kept in instead of venting it out. Soon, when the frustration and discomfort is overflowing, the lava do explode but who does it explodes at, not the right person..not even close to the ones who actually caused it..It’s the harsh reality…Let’s make it less harsh by not accepting it and venting out there and then and at the right person..Cheers to the pleasant world!!

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