The story of a spoiled brat

Starting from childhood times because that’s the foundation and the making of all of us. Most of the conditioning of our mind takes place during this time. So, the pattern of the making of a spoiled brat is very common all around where the child receives each and everything when asked or by throwing tantrums. Everyone is at their beck and call. Being accustomed to this kind of behaviour, he/she enters the huge arena called life where not everyone is going to tolerate the kind of tantrums he/she is used to and there he/she gets the reality check which is not that pleasant. Getting confused with this reality check where the tantrums doesn’t work anymore, another strategy of being a victim is opted but it gets figured out. Now what to do with the making of a rat in front of a lionking life which in one instance and with one jolt given to the rat can be devoured easily. Entering the huge arena by proudly patting your back for being a spoiled brat doesn’t look like a great strategy after all. In extreme cases, not ready to accept this reality, spoiled brats are mostly the ones who end up stealing snatching and becoming the notorious criminals. It looks like being prepared for the struggles of life is a relatively better strategy…Something to ponder upon..cheers!!

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