People want to be focused, determined, they want to have unwavering spirit, appearances like a super model and what not?? We have so many conditions before we accept us. We love perfections and for which we can go up to any extremes. Ignoring the fact, that imperfections only make us human and that’s the beauty of it. The result of striving to be better than the others has kept everyone unhappy. Nobody is happy with themselves.

There is an endless competition in all the fields that can be fatal sometimes. It is causing anxiety and turmoil inside the human being. As it’s not letting him enjoy the present moment and he is continuously asking himself this question…..what would it be, if?? Depression is the common psychological disorder that people are facing because of continuous unsatisfactory behavior.

The thing that is missing from humans life is “gratitude”. They just forget the blessings of God and crave for the things that they don’t have. I think non-attachment from the material things can also be one solution to this problem. What they want is to shine in the eyes of others rather than their own eyes. “Self Love” is another remedy for this turmoil. Most of the people don’t know what they want out of life. “They simply want what others want”. So there is no internal peace and satisfaction. They need to slow down a bit and contemplate what they actually want. You need to realize there is no dearth of anything. It is in abundance to fulfill your want. And people are ignorant as no two people want the same thing.

Another golden rule that they forget is that to get what they want, they have to become worthy of it. People are in the pursuit of things and humans without having done the inner-work, can’t get the things they want. “It’s essential for humans to grow emotionally also”. Just growing physically won’t help. Emotional and mental maturity is utmost important to lead a happy life.

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