Life is about moving on and flowing like water. When you start finding solace in a certain lifestyle, activity, a person or a thing in an escapade from your misery and sorrows. The addictions can enslave you. It will restrict you from experiencing life to it’s fullest. It’s just a temporary relief from the sadness that you feel deep down as you tend to forget all your sorrows in that brief moment. In the long run, it’s more like creating an illusion for yourself or living in a fantasy world. It’s just running away from reality and not facing the stark reality of life because you think you are not ready for it. The right attitude would be to say, “Bring it on.” Let yourself face the dark reality and plunge deep if that’s what life wants you to do because you will come up refreshed and wiser. Next time, when it seems like you are getting addicted to a certain pattern, ask yourself, is it solving any of my problems completely. If the answer is “no”, it’s the time to break that pattern and search for ways to free yourself from these entrapment. So that, life can be free-flowing again for you to continue with the discoveries about yourself and others that can exhilarating experience for you. Addictions are like road blocks that doesn’t let you reach your destination. When you free yourself from it, then you can reach and follow on with your journey. The path that will give you eternal satisfaction  and fulfillment. Life when fully lived, when all the heart desires are attained, that’s the best life experience for humans.

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