If you apologize often, you are either a really generous kindhearted person or you like testing people and when you get a blow up on your face, the only resort left is to “apologize”. I specifically would like to throw some light on the “latter ones” who are into “testing people” considering oneself as some crazy scientists “experimenting” on human beings. Mostly because of the latter categories, the word “sorry” has lost its meaning….You “kill someone”, “spit on them”, “trample on them”…”rape them” and in return give them a sorry thinking the scales have become equal..That’s what is the condition of the word “sorry” these days. If its just a way to learn “another perspective”, there is a better way than to test people and rather “ask them nicely”…How about “trying things this way”, it might “work better”. Cheers to a pleasant world!! Love and light!!

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