People getting gratification through pettiness…Isn’t it strange?? Not evolving and staying small is being petty. Do you know, most pettiness arises from dependence mostly emotional dependence. Dependence on other people and playing emotional games to be in control. Using mind just to create more imbalance. Whereas, mind can be used for the betterment but that’s not the case because of so much dependence and attachment with one’s own narrow space or origin. Selfishness is to the core that creating unpleasant atmosphere just for one’s own well-being is a common scenario. All this unpleasantness is actually the result of dependence of all kinds from the external. To get acknowledgment from the society or one other person who shelters them from their wrong doings is the ultimate goal of a person. In order to achieve this goal, pettiness and dependence is widespread. Is this how we’ll have a pleasant world?? Something to ponder upon…Cheers! Love and light!!


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