Give them a hand, they’ll hold your arm

It’s a very famous phrase where you lend something of your free will and they will get accustomed to enjoy the freebies. Here, setting boundaries come very handy where it’s very clearly demonstrated that this is the maximum that can be done and no more. It may sound abrupt but its better than carrying an excess baggage on back because the next step is surely they riding on your back throughout life…In case you want to be the donkey carrying the excess load, this doesn’t seem like a viable option. The choice still depends on person to person as some of us may find their own company so tormenting that going with this option may look like a better deal. After having said that, it’s so important to be a whole being not an incomplete person and start enjoying one’s own company because there is nothing more empowering than that. It can actually save us from so much trouble…Cheers to a happy and pleasant world! Love and light!!

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