How can grapevine ever be effective..

Middlemen when it comes to translation are fantastic but most other times they are the biggest cause of communication distortion. Isn’t it??Just like Chinese whisper game!! The only difference here is the message is distorted according to convenience and deliberately for gaining advantage in the situation. How can the grapevine ever be effective after knowing there are so many heads mouths involved with intentions no one is ever aware of. Let me elaborate it further with instances: The first instance, in official situations where the grapevine is popular and there people like to use grapevine to enhance their position and distort others. Whereas, in personal situation, opportunists(the greedy ones) are everywhere you know, they like to use grapevine to strengthen their entanglements and weaken others. So, how can the middlemen ever be effective in any of the situations mentioned above as they are in the middle for a reason. The reason can be good or bad..I guess, most misunderstandings and confusions are the result of some of these opportunists in the middle. That’s why, crosschecking becomes mandatory..As there is a famous saying,”You got to be careful who you let in your ship because some will sink it just because they cannot be the captain.” Direct communication can help us to have a pleasant world. Cheers!! Love and light!!

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