Have you ever imagined what the world would look like if we solely operate from our emotions??

Now imagine we human beings only emotions no intellect. I will give you some instances to make your imagination more vivid: The bus jerked and the person fell on others lap and this other person with strong emotions jerked him away; A person turned around bumped into other person and as a reaction he got pushed away; A person sneezed and made the other person uncomfortable, as a reaction he/she cleared his throat vehemently. Now, let’s move to some more hysterical instances, the girl got hurt because his loved one looked at someone wearing revealing clothes, so she teared her skirt up to get the attention back.Even worse, she goes slaps the other girl. A person got insulted by the members of some family, so being humanly emotional, instances were created to insult most members of that particular family. We can go on and on and reach some really entangled and fatal incidents that have taken place not because of lack of emotions but too much emotions and not knowing how to balance process the emotions. Looking at the outpouring of these emotions and what horrendous situations it has led us into, then cold blooded and stone hearted shouldn’t be as notorious as they are made into. These cold blooded and stone hearted people are nothing but extremely emotional people operating solely from their emotions not knowing how to process it. Looking at the results of going wild because of our emotions, why not to take a step back and process our emotions and then react. As emotions when they go right are adorable. Let’s enjoy this journey of being human as much as we can. Cheers to a pleasant world!!Love and light!!

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