Most of the sufferings we human beings bring upon ourselves only. We go get involve in the most complicated relationships where there is no scope of being happy just because we want to get what we can’t have, or we meddle with the difficult people just to get a ego boost and fill our lack of self esteem, or drink cold water when we have cough just because we cannot resist the urge and eat or drink toxic substances just because we do not have any self control. It all comes down to self discipline and self control. There will still be contradictions stating that if we are going to think about each and every step then life will not be fun or we got to loosen up. I completely agree with the contradiction because it’s true to a large extent. Moreover, I believe we learn from our mistakes which makes us wiser. There is a famous saying, “To each their own”. If happiness is the ultimate goal and I am talking about those people specifically whose main goal is happiness, why do they take a detour more than once in a while and take longer to learn from their mistakes…Is it because once getting accustomed to suffering, one forgets about the prior happy environment. Let’s not create an environment of suffering for oneself and spread it around instead get back to the previous happy environment. Cheers to the ones with the ultimate goal of happiness. Love and light!!

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