Isn’t it true, victims create more victimizers?

There is a famous phrase, “misery loves company”, which is quite apt for the victim of pain because the shortcut looks more tempting to most people that makes the victim create a more similar surrounding around them. After having said that victims are more familiar with creating more victims by spreading a mindset that suffering is the only way out. It will be futile to convince them that pain can be channelized into something more productive than feeling special being miserable and creating more anecdotes on it. There are so many instances where people who have accepted bad treatment will trap other people into believing that that’s the way of life. Isn’t this mentality low life and a shortcut to living…not facing the challenges rather dimming the shine in oneself and popularizing the notion that life is better without the “Sun”. There is a famous quote, “when you shine, you give other people permission to shine as well.” Facing those challenges while not giving in and finding a way out will brighten everyone’s day rather than succumbing to those circumstances and creating a cult promoting misery. Let’s shine and brighten everyone’s day! Love and light!

P.S. This post is inspired by the movie “invitation” which revolves round the story line that a bunch of miserable people thought that the way out of misery is through ending a miserable community. They thought of trapping gathered people who are suffering and killing them all by gunshot is a way out of their pain.

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