The story of scars part two…

Once upon a time, there were two chimpanzees who liked to spend most of their time in houses than trees. They peeped into the windows of the houses waiting for the house owners to step out. The moment they saw them coming out, jumped in and squander for bananas and after creating a chaos, they whisked out. One fine day, the house owners decided to catch the chimpanzees, they replaced the bananas. The chimpanzees out of habit, inside rather than outside, put the bananas in their mouth and swallow, but realized the bananas were bouncing in their belly. The house owners caught the chimpanzees, gave them two more plastic bananas to cherish, however they left the place swiftly and jumped towards trees to hang on them because they got scarred for life you know..

Something to ponder upon: Are the chimpanzees getting scarred because of interference or the cruelty of house owners??

Moral of the story: Intervening is not a good habit because noone appreciates it and when the offence is taken, it might lead to scarring…

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