A story of getting scarred for life…

Once upon a time there was a donkey who was told by its tribe that he is a lion…They taught him to roar pounce and run like a lion with one condition, never to step out…The donkey once out of the norms stepped out just to know why not to step out… “I am the lion the apex predator”..It roared the moment it stepped out but to no avail…Noone feared instead donkeys from estranged tribe pounced and tied him to a tree.. The donkey aka lion got scarred for life..
Something to ponder upon: Can we call it a scar?? Firstly the ego boost with no appreciation being the donkey…not learning any useful trait of the lion or the donkey second…looking at the donkey aka lion, should the lion be scarred or donkey?? It seems like there are chances of word scar also getting humiliated by calling it a scar..
Moral: If we get over these attention seeking scars, we can reach some really inspiring stories behind scars..yeah..cheers..love and light!!

Very important: Dream big but don’t forget the resources to achieve them..Everyone has their limitations and capabilities..isn’t it…

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