The highly practiced “detachment”

Be like a chair, highly detached, no matter what, it doesn’t break and one can detach it…attach it…take it wherever one wants…Isn’t this what detachment most are hoping from others….Anyways, I have a small story to tell again about detachment from guilt and blame..

There was a person long back who used to be completely detached…One fine morning, the person woke up and his head got hit with the side table, he started yelling at the family members for arranging the side table in such a way. Later he went for shower, the shower poured water only to one side, the shower became the reason of his wrath. It was detached and thrown at the mirror, as a result the mirror broke but it was the shower who broke the mirror you know. After managing somehow, he was ready to take breakfast, with his styling long hair all open, he was drinking tea in the open. Guess what, there was hair in the tea. Now what, everyone’s hair in the house was chop chop except his. After a while, he went out to have some fresh air, there was no air, so he got all the trees cut. Some days later, he again came out for fresh air, this time also, there was no air, but this time some trees from getting cut got saved because of a wise person you see. This wise person crossed the detached person path mentioning him, its a sunny day that’s why there is no fresh air. From that day on, the detached person got attached with this person..

Something to ponder upon: What will be the result of this wise person…………..his hair tongue eye…not to say, but are in danger….isn’t it…

Moral of the story: Stay detached while attached..

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