A story of selfish and greedy honey bee gatherer

Once there was a honey bee gatherer. He loved to hunt honey bees day in and day out and preserve them. There used to be people who used to come and meet him asking “why dont you give some to us, we’ll use them or maybe extract honey or sell them”. He used to be like “no, don’t you dare touch any of it”. Once what happened, he came to the room where he preserved the honey bees, one or two honey bees managed to break free. He was bitten by those poisonous bees. Now, he was shouting asking them to “take some” “take some” but nobody came near him. They were watching him saying “now, you keep each one of them”..The honey bee gatherer was bitten all over and these honey bees infested that entire area biting the one who wanted to extract honey and sell them also…

Moral of the story: Greedy plus selfish is not such a great combination…

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