Everyone is so confined and limited with the concept of well being. All that’s of concern is the immediate surroundings. Either big words are used to impress the immediate ones or a certain grandeur is displayed for deceiving others and preserving themselves. Such is the shallow settings of the selfish love where they will not even hesitate to sell even their immediate surroundings to preserve themselves. They call all of it, it’s all out of love!! Is it love or a plan to fulfill their selfish intentions of their arrangement in the world by sacrificing others. The desire of most human beings is either being a “Godfather” or “Godmother” of a certain set of human beings and in extreme cases of the complete world. C’mon, if you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, what are you gathering?? sheeps!!What a lame plan to dominate the worldly and how lousy…not even a challenge there…Is that even a wolf?? because such a coward wolf who doesn’t even have the courage to be the wolf. When asked the reason for being the coward, it’s the situation and circumstances that are to be blamed. It’s the way you look at it, the situation and circumstances can be taken as an opportunity to be brave and resilient. Most people live their life with a false belief of being an innate wolf. And what a lousy plan and arrangement to live in this world where making each other miserable is what they are aiming for!! Love and light!! Cheers to a pleasant world!!


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