Don’t you think we buy hope and love??

Most transactions that you have agreed upon or went forward with are based on something that gives you hope. Think about it, you purchased a healing course,weight reduction membership, bought a lavish car or house or bought a piece of jewellery..Aren’t these all transactions a part and parcel of getting love in return and a promise of hopeful situation further ahead. Most successful ventures businesses tie their advertisements to these two scarcities and promise them to get an abundant opportunities in these. In case, you still have a doubt, think about all the successful transactions that you have done in the past, they were all some form of buying hopeful scenarios for yourself in future. Sometimes you do get duped also in some situations where a clever salesperson knowing about the weakness of the worldly traps you into a successful bargain. Isn’t it funny, we take such a long route thinking the way to love and hope is to either sell it or buy it whereas we never think of creating it by coming together and becoming love and hope. Why do we always look for a difficult way out when there is an easy way right there.. Love and Hope!!

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