Respect this!! Respect that!!

How often do we get to hear the demanding of respect, isn’t it..When it comes to instances, those are like, you got my piZza late, you don’t respect me; you raised your voice when you were being harassed unnecessarily, where is my respect; my call was disconnected when I was continuously calling to check my importance among strangers, how dare they not respect; when I was weirdly looking, where did you learn to disrespect by twisting your eyes; isn’t this disrespecting the respect…Looking at this exaggerated wanted respect, I would like to respect someone who is happy because holidays are coming; totally respect the one who ignore the gruesome instances to look forward what is ahead; totally respect the one who makes a small living but never forgets to share the meal.. We love to respect but the one we give truly is the one that touches the heart, isn’t it…

when we are living in tumultuous times, how about these courses to make the most of it:

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