Religion free is stress free

One of the stress busters, release the tension of belonging to a certain religion. I don’t remember going through certain rituals to belong to a religion if that’s what makes one bound. So I am free to practice and explore all what is pleasant. How about being a nincompoop from a united world religion. That way will explore all what appeals to my heart and mind. The practical perks of following united world, well, there are many as far as what age old ridiculousness encountered. Let us go through some facts of the practical world applicability:

Will not be practicing customs traditions that makes no sense..

will not be mind-boggling in case I eat something..

Not eat some animals but others because there is partiality..

Not be tied to something as an animal because the custom says so…

Will not be beating myself up for the sake of redemption..

It will save me from listening to insincere chants to fit in and for validation…

will not be unpleasant to someone because of their caste religion age but their behaviour and actions

This way will be free to be humanitarian. Isn’t it…

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