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Do we like to have options in things?? Of course we do, whereas think individuals made option1 option2 option3…so on. How did it sound?? In some singing dance competition to win…yeah..sounds a bit better. In some job opportunities for instance, let’s have five six job offers as options. Are we going to pursue all of them?? Ok, forget about pursuing, what will happen to other offers?? Maybe we will flaunt the other jobs but are human beings who are flaunted as options in relationships bragging about being an option and striving to be chosen as an option makes any which way leading to anything pleasant. From both sides, this transaction looks more of a trade..Isn’t it?? Just like trying different earrings and finally choosing one. Another way that could justify this would be, Oh my God, I was one of the option to perform in circus I guess..Very clearly, carrying on as an option, there might be some ulterior motive due to the fact it doesn’t look much of a compliment..Something to ponder upon..Is someone else to blame for it?? Are we going to be a dark sky for someone to be a star in it?? For now, I would like to be one of the options who write pleasant things to read..Let’s have a pleasant world!! Cheers!!

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