No.1 being the culprit

No.1 being the culprit

Long time back, there was a lucky boy who was an apple of eye of his parents and everyone else. He grew being loved by parents and teachers. His grades were always no.1 always topping the competition. His achievements were to be celebrated. He won many awards throughout life. He was a confident chap, all grown up, looking for a suitable person to enhance his pride. He  soon got married to a beautiful girl from a dignified family. Throughout his life being called no.1 developed a pressure to maintain that position. Everything was going great, earning well, working in a reputed firm but when he noticed around, there were many doing better than him which was something to beat now. To level up, recklessly left one job joined another to be on the top. Now, he was working as an Assistant manager in ABC Ltd(imaginary name), however there were still many around with a better wardrobe, house, wife, accessories, equipments etc. He decided to climb the corporate ladder more, he was recklessly leaving jobs which eventually was spoiling his resume. There came a time when he was without job because of instability and not ready to work for lesser than. Besides that, wife also left him because it was difficult to survive. His condition was worsening, every now and then selling some or the other equipment to maintain the expenses. Nothing was left at the end not 1 thing and nothing no.1 about him, he was homeless. The race to be no.1 throughout life destroyed him completely.

Moral: Competition with oneself, bettering oneself constantly is far better than competing to be no.1 with others. The race ought to be to perform at our best of the abilities in every situation

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